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2010 NFL Injury Updates: San Francisco 49ers And Oakland Raiders Injury News

Although injuries are a common refrain in every sport, it is a particularly sizable concern in the NFL because of the physicality of the game. Injuries are important for the team on the field, but they're also of importance to fans of fantasy football and gambling (if gambling were legal). SB Nation Bay Area has decided to post 2010 NFL injury updates for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders so that Bay Area football fans will have a central place to find their injury updates.

Over the course of the season we'll have a weekly story stream for each 49ers and Raiders game, in which we'll provide all sorts of updates that will include the weekly injury reports. However, this single injury update thread is meant as a way to track the injury and recovery of the players independent of whether they're probable or questionable for the upcoming game. We'll include that kind of update as well, but we'll provide greater detail on the specific injuries in question.