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Raiders Preseason Injury Update: Jason Campbell And Michael Bush Banged Up In Loss To 49ers

The Raiders lost a sloppy game to the 49ers, but likely avoided an even bigger loss of their starting quarterback. Jason Campbell took a big sack from Travis LaBoy and was laying on the field for several minutes before a cart took him off the field. It was hard to figure out what had happened, but the in-game reports indicated it was merely a stinger, as opposed to a more serious neck or head injury.

Coach Cable has since said he doesn’t think the stinger will keep Campbell out of the team’s regular season opener, although he wasn’t 100 percent sure of Campbell’s status after the game. Coach Cable will be taking part in a conference call at 5 p.m. today, during which I’d suspect he’ll provide an update on Campbell’s injury.

The other significant injury for the Raiders was MIchael Bush fracturing his left thumb during the game. He was scheduled to see a specialist today, and I’d imagine Coach Cable will have an update during the above-mentioned conference call. If Bush misses extended playing time, Darren McFadden would get the bulk of the carries. Given McFadden’s own brittle nature, that could be a tricky proposition, even with his immense talent.