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Norcal May Have The Best High School Hoops Talent For The Class of... 2017.

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The Bay Area, let alone Northern California (however you wish to draw borders), has not been a hot bed for high school basketball recruitment for quite some time.  This isn't to say we don't love basketball here.  Seriously, who was the last local student-athlete to receive national, let alone state, accolades?  Well, for all of you folks losing sleep over the state of K-12 hoops talent in the area, in the  dawn of another academic school year, there is hope on the horizon...the horizon being the Altamont Pass between Livermore and Mountain House.  


Is the Norcal hoops scene trending upwards and will this 11 year old be our savior?  C'mon Stanford, Cal, San Jose State, Cal State East Bay, Golden Gate University and ITT Tech, make this happen!



(Via Dime Magazine)