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49ers Recap: Niners Get Temporary 'Battle Of The Bay' Crown

Alex Smith completed 9-of-15 passes and looked like a clear-cut starting quarterback for the 49ers on Saturday, all without his number one receiving options in wide receiver Michael Crabtree and pro bowl tight end Vernon Davis. He showed good poise and only made one or two bad passes throughout the game. It was more of the same from the Vikings game, in which he stepped up in the pocket and delivered good passes even with pressure from either side.

Frank Gore played a little while and in two runs amassed 58 yards and the 49ers saw everything they needed to see from the veteran pro bowler before pulling him in favor of rookie Anthony Dixon, who himself went for 69 yards including a touchdown, with three receptions for 15 yards as well.

Receiver Dominique Zeigler continued to make his case for the final 53-man roster with five catches and good durability after some big hits. The offensive line played well, but there were some mistakes and penalties.

Defensively, Patrick Willis confirmed that yes, football fans, he is the best linebacker in the league with some fantastic play. Bubble linebacker Travis LaBoy had the sack that ended Jason Campbell's night and showed good hustle throughout his playing time. It wasn't all perfect though, as in-between fantastic defensive stops, the 49ers gave up a pair of 70 yard touchdowns.

A couple 49ers defensive starters didn't play, including nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin and cornerback Shawntae Spencer, and this is definitely a factor, but you don't like to see those things - unless you're a Raiders fan. Free agent signing Brian Westbrook had two runs for 17 yards and left the game with a minor injury.

There were an awful lot of penalties in this sloppy game, and one of the main complaints among 49ers fans was Jimmy Raye's playcalling - but one has to wonder if it's more due to the fact that it's preseason.