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Isi Sofele Will Backup Shane Vereen As Cal's Second Tailback

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Tedford made the announcement at today’s March to Victory Luncheon. California Golden Blogs with the story:

Isi Sofele has beaten out Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson and Dasarte Yarnway to earn the #2 spot. It’ll be an interesting change of pace for Cal’s running backs, who have often fit that 5’10, 190-200 pound framework. Sofele is more of a Jacquizz-type who will be tough for big tacklers to get down and someone who can run through tight blocking packages. Although to this point he’s been relied on primarily for fly sweeps out of the Wildcat/Wildbear formation, Sofele will probably be taking on a more active role to spell Shane Vereen out of the backfield.

More announcements about the depth chart and the changes in scheme can be found by following the link.