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49ers And Raiders On's List of Top NFL Players By Jersey Number

Add this to the list of interesting lists that are very interesting. recently released a list of the top players by jersey numbers. Starting from 00-99, the list consists of six 49ers and five Raiders.

Representing the Raiders are:

Jim Otto (No. 00) 
Fred Biletnikoff (No. 25)
Todd Christensen (No. 46)
Tim Brown (No. 81)
Ted Hendricks (No. 83)

Representing the 49ers are:

Joe Montana (No. 16)
Ronnie Lott (No. 42)
Jerry Rice (No. 80)
Dwight Clark (No. 87)
Charles Haley (No. 94)
Julian Peterson (No. 98)

Current 49ers head coach Mike Singletary also made the list at No. 50 as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

The entire list can be viewed right here: 00-4950-99.

Such a list is intriguing as there are some numbers that have clear winners (like John Elway's No. 7) and some that could be debated (No. 8 with Troy Aikman over Steve Young). The story behind jersey numbers is unique and this list, for the most part, got it right. 

I like lists. It keeps things in order and is always debated. Like the NFL Network's Top 10 series, there's always room for debate.