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New Warriors Uniforms Give Me A Dirty Feeling

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I subscribe to the Warriors newsletter and this morning I received an e-mail regarding the team's mini-plans. They had some cool packages in which I could see the Heat, the Lakers or pretty much any top team in the East. And some key matchups from some teams in the West. The e-mail they sent me featured an image of Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis sporting the new uniforms.

It looked fine until I noticed something and then my  mind went into confusion.

Look at the elastic on the shorts of Stephen Curry.

The state of California doesn't belong there. It just gives off this very strange look because it kind of looks like a, well, you get the point. Other teams have this concept, but in those cases, it doesn't look like a dangling wiener.

Maybe I'm just lame and need to get my head out of the gutter. Or maybe the design team didn't really think this one through (along with other parts of the uniform I don't like).