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Chaz Schilens Might Need Knee Surgery

It’s another setback for the Raiders wideout, who can just never seem to get healthy. SI with the story:

Schilens went to a knee specialist Monday to determine whether he would need arthroscopic surgery.

The injured knee is just the latest setback for Schilens, who missed significant time last season with a broken left foot that still hindered him early in training camp.

“I’m very concerned,” coach Tom Cable said. “It’s been a tough road for him. We get through the foot thing now and something else has kind of reared up on us. We’ll take care of it and get him back as soon as we can.”

Cable said the knee injury was likely a result of overcompensating for the foot injury. The Raiders hope Schilens will be back by the opener Sept. 12 at Tennessee if he does need the surgery.

Schilens already broke his foot and missed the first half of the 2009 season. For a guy who is one of Oakland's most productive pass catchers, this sort of news spins a very sad, familiar tune.

Thanks to Rated-R Superstar for the tip.