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Stephen Curry's Endless Summer Of Basketball Troubles Warrior Fans

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If there was any way to describe the Warriors injury bug, I would call it H1N1.  Both Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry at different times have mentioned that the Warriors jersey is a curse.  David Lee injured his finger, sidelining him from international play, soon after he signed his hefty contract.  It was inevitable that Stephen Curry would eventually catch the injury bug, curse, hex, voo doo dolls created by Chris Cohan, while working out with Team USA.


With that said, the fans responses here and here are less excited over Curry representing the Warriors on this national stage than they are scared for his career and the Warriors upcoming chances this season that will rise and fall with him. The fear of injury makes it seem like the only answer should be that he is kept in a bubble, only to be opened on opening day.  And even then, we might still want to take precaution by having him play in that bubble. 


What are your thoughts about Stephen Curry participating?  Should we be proud of Curry or keep him captured in hyperbaric chamber until the first game of the season?