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Did 49ers QB Nate Davis Shine Or Deceive?

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The 49ers use a strong offensive first half, and a strong all around defensive performance to handle the Minnesota Vikings 15-10. However, the real talk of the game was the performance of 3rd string QB Nate Davis.

Earlier this week, offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye indicated the plan was to get Davis some more reps earlier in the game. The team didn’t get Davis in too early with Alex Smith playing the entire first half. However, Davis played the entire second half and certainly provided some fireworks.

The highlight of the game for Davis was his 60-yard bomb to Ted Ginn Jr that showed off the cannon that he possesses. That play had Cris Collinsworth comparing Davis’ arm to that of John Elway. It had Ball State alum Jason Whitlock panting. And of course it had 49ers fans in a frenzy.

Of course, a closer look shows that aside from that throw, Davis was 6 of 15 for 54 yards. Obviously we can’t discount the 60-yard pass, but we can certainly put his performance in context. In the Niners Nation recap it’s rather amazing to see how it devolves into a battle between the Davis fans and the folks who want a bit more context placed on his performance.

However, where it gets particularly interesting is in Mike Singletary’s post-game discussion of Davis. The most pertinent comment was about his disappointment in Davis’ work ethic in the offseason. While folks might be hoping for Davis to get bumped into the backup role, it seems safe to say that won’t be happening anytime soon, at least this year.