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Cal Nose Tackle Derrick Hill Suffering From A Case Of Gout. Yes, Gout

I'm not sure which century this is, but it represents another health issue for Hill to deal with. John Crumpacker of the SF Chronicle with the story.

Instead, gout, resulting from a build-up of uric acid and causing his big toe to swell and become extremely painful. While his teammates are practicing at Memorial Stadium, Hill is hobbling around on a single crutch, mystified and chagrined at his decidedly nonfootball condition.

"That was the biggest curveball ever," Hill said. "All of a sudden, my foot swelled up on me. We're still trying to figure it out. It probably came awhile back, symptoms showing last year. My big toe swelled up last year. They thought it was turf toe.

"My big toe is a real big toe right now. It's real big and hurting."

Hill has struggled through injuries the past two seasons trying to be Cal's primary nose tackle in their 3-4 alignment, and it's kept him from achieving his full potential. If Hill is to attract the NFL buzz he's certainly worthy of, the 6'2" 308 pounder will hopefully get those feet moving soon. Because Kendrick Payne is already moving in to take his spot up front.