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Jon Busch, Defense Make Early Goal Stand Up For Huge Win

San Jose withstood everything the Galaxy offense could throw at them to secure a giant upset and a critically important three points in the MLS playoff chase. Jon Busch was undoubtedly the player of the game, making 7 saves and a variety of other grabs and punches that won’t register on the stat sheet but nevertheless kept the Galaxy off the board.

Geovanni made his anticipated debut, but with only 18 minutes to make an impact and L.A. pressing forward he was almost an afterthought – his impact will be felt when he gets a chance to train with the team and play a full 90 minutes within the offense.

With the win today San Jose momentarily jumps into 4th place in the Western Conference and three points clear of the final playoff spot. The Earthquakes will be thrilled to have taken four points from their two games against the Galaxy, and will have the confidence to know they can play with the best the MLS has to offer. They will need all of that confidence next week when they travel to New York to play Thierry Henry and the surging Red Bulls