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Halftime Update: Busch Saves Help Maintain One Goal Lead

The offensive pressure from L.A. began to grow late in the half, but two huge saves from Jon Busch helped San Jose maintain their 1-0 lead going into the half. Busch’s first big save came after a Quake defender gave away the ball to Landon Donovan, giving him a clear one-on-one opportunity. Donovan’s shot was powerfully struck but close enough for Busch to knock down before Tim Ward alertly swept the ball away and out of bounds.

Later in the half Donovan led a swift counter-attack before sliding a pass in to Mike Magee. Magee’s shot was knocked down and then collected by Busch before the rebound could squirt away towards another attacker.

San Jose will feel pleased to still have the 1-0 lead, but the memory of L.A’s 2nd half charge just a month ago must be in the back of their minds. It’s going to be a long, grueling 45 minutes for San Jose’s defense.