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Concussed Fullback Comes Back In A Worse State Of Mind

Just when we thought the Raiders were headed in the right direction, just when we thought the days of discontent were over, FB Luke Lawton unleashes a couple of bombshells. After sustaining a concussion during training camp, Lawton came back this week to find his job apparently at risk. He was predictably unhappy and bitter as a result.

“I think they made their mind up,” said Lawton, who started seven games for Oakland in 2008 and three last season. “I’m just not getting any reps. If they were trying to bring me back in slowly, I would be getting some. But I am not getting any. I am getting hosed.”

“Either (the Raiders) know what they’ve got with me, or they’re trying to get rid of me,” Lawton said. “I am the best one we’ve got, and if they want to keep me, they can. And if they don’t, fine. Somebody will pick me up.”

Lawton is serving a four-game suspension to start the season anyway for performance-enhancing drugs, but he apparently feels when he’s eligible to play he won’t be needed.

Lawton said after the concussion he “didn’t have any air in my helmet.” A suspension for performance-enhancing drugs and a disruptive diatribe right when he gets back, apparently Luke “Lawless” Lawton does, however, have air in his head.