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Giants Considering Picking Up Brad Hawpe

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Mychael Urban of CSN Bay Area breaks the story.

Bobby Evans, San Francisco’s vice president of baseball operations, said the team is "open-minded" about Hawpe, who cleared waivers Wednesday. Hawpe was designated for assignment Thursday, giving Colorado 10 days to release, trade or send him to the minors.

A Colorado source told on Friday that the Rockies likely won’t stand in the way of Hawpe signing with another team, so if the player’s agent found a match the team might release him outright rather than ask for compensation.

Evans, however, cautioned that it’s "not easy to add" players to the roster at this point in the season, and it’s unclear how Hawpe might fit on a roster that appears set at both of his primary defensive positions.

Seems like a strange move considering that the team doesn't need much defense, but perhaps the Giants truly believe in the mantra that defense wins championships.

(HT Rated-R Superstar for alerting us to the news)