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Giants Claim Marlins OF Cody Ross

Ross could be heading to San Francisco soon, although it might not be for the purpose of playing him. This move might be more to keep rivals from attaining his services though. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports.

A National League club has claimed Ross on waivers, but the Marlins are not sure whether that club actually wants Ross or simply claimed him to block him from going to another contending team, major-league sources say.

The Giants were awarded the claim, sources say, though that information could not be confirmed due to the confidentiality of the waiver process. The Braves, who long have had interest in Ross, did not get the claim. Neither did the Phillies, sources say.

Ross, 29, is owed slightly more than $1 million for the rest of the season, a sum that the Giants must be prepared to absorb if they are the claiming team…
The Giants, meanwhile, might have been motivated to claim Ross in an attempt to prevent him from going to the team they trail in the NL West, the Padres.

Thanks again to Rated-R Superstar for being on top of this.