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Raiders Training Camp: The battle for the #2/#3 cornerback position

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The Raiders have gotten into the groove of practice and have a bit of a position battle developing. While Nnamdi Asomugha is not losing his starting CB job anytime soon, #2 corner Chris Johnson apparently finds himself in a battle with Stanford Routt.

Coach Cable indicated it was turning into a heated battle, although apparently nobody told Johnson:

“No,” he said, “I came into camp as a starter, and I am going to leave as a starter. I never look behind me. If a person looks behind, then he is going to fall behind. So I always look forward and try everyday to improve my game. I don’t ever worry about the next man.”

I’d imagine the Raiders would like to get a little bit younger, although Routt isn’t all that much younger than Johnson. The Chronicle article mentioned that this developed last year as well, but Johnson held on to his spot in the end.