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Down By The Bay: That One Didn't Either

The Giants played another one of those "lalalalala this didn't happen you're crazy" kind of games yesterday. Or maybe they didn't? The A's had a strong outing, which is always nice to see. They got a series win. A bit about the Sharks and a bit about the 49ers and we've got a bit of links for you.

After the jump is all you need to know when it comes to the A's, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks and all of Bay Area sports is laid in front of you by myself, as per our team specific blogs. So jump when I say jump... jump.

The Giants stopped playing major league baseball. In fact, they disbanded entirely. There is no Giants team. You're just crazy. Lalalalalala... but once again, if you prefer to live in your reality and not mine, well, for one - the liquor in my reality is better and for two - McCovey Chronicles has a post-game thread for the game that didn't happen. 

It's a different story for the A's, who got the series win with a great performance yesterday against the Blue Jays. Athletics Nation has got a post-game thread with much dancing and nudity for your perusal. Well, there's no actual nudity, but you can guess that the various commenters are enjoying their time in the nude.

Niners Nation had a post about some recent comments from Brian Westbrook, and the fact that he considers the 49ers a winning organization. Feels pretty good!

In other news, they had a prospector's guide for the upcoming game against the Vikings - I love these  things. So much information. Oh and also, the 49ers cut wide receiver Brandon Jones. It had to be done. 

To get through the offseason, Fear The Fin had a good interview with Nick Petrecki. I actually always liked this guy. Hopefully he continues to progress.