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Tedford Suggests Keenan Allen Could Start At Wide Receiver

So much for getting the practice reps in. Cal’s head coach says that the Golden Bear receiver of the future is ready to start right now. He is likely to be the only freshman who will outright start, as Tedford told Jim McGill of Bear Insider.

One of the more interesting revelations on the day was Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford’s admission that, “as of right now,” freshman receiver Keenan Allen will start heading into the season.

As far as the likelihood of any other frosh starting, Tedford noted: “We won’t know till the end of camp, but all of them are right there. I’m not worried about them physically, but there’s always a learning curve there. They’re doing really well in practice. But you can never control (or plan for) all the game situations, so no matter how hard you work in practice, everything you can think of working on, something always pops up in a game. I’m sure the learning curve will decrease as the year goes on and guys get more comfortable.”

Considering how close current No. 1 Marvin Jones and Allen already are, this has to be a fortuitous development for Cal fans, who must be excited at finally having a dynamic duo back in the receiving corps.