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Warriors Fans Say Goodbye To A Fan Favorite

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I already said goodbye to Adonal Foyle once when the Warriors bought him out several years back. Always a fan favorite for his witty one-liners ("I gave my body to science" he said after getting dunked on by Amar'e) and his work on encouraging youth to vote, Warriors fans love him when most of the fans of the NBA probably couldn't recognize him on the street. When Adonal Foyle announced his retirement yesterday, properly with a poem, Warrior fans knew they were losing the greatest and last link between various generations of bad Warrior teams beginning with those tacky lightening bolt jerseys.

For this, I thought I would turn the microphone over to the Warrior fans at Golden State of Mind that love him the best. Hear what they have to say about the NBA's most poetic man, ever:

Thanks Adonal. Cleveland had Lebron , we had you, I feel blessed my friend. - Skeptic Con Urquell

Here's what a few more Warrior fans had to say:

Adonal will always be a legend in my eye. Nicest man I've ever met. Wish you all the best in future endeavors Adonal. - Tafkasam

Verbal Chest Bump. To you Adonal. Thanks for every smile and block and outlet pass. His skills may not have been the greatest, but he sure was one of the greatest guys the Warriors have ever had. Wish he could retire as a Warrior. - Roarior510

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! A sad day in my life indeed. While he'll never get the ring I always wished he would, or made an All-Star game, the important thing is that his impact on the world will be much larger than that. While it's always fun to watch Adonal block a shot, badly miss a jumper, or clank a dunk, in 20 years, I guarantee you we'll talk much more about the things Adonal is doing to help his home country and democracy in the United States rather than his actions on the court. And deep down, I always knew that was why he is my favourite player. FOYLE!!!! - Zorgon

What is it with shot blockers being awesome people? Foyle, Bol, Dikembe..... - Missing Barry

And lastly

Someone forgot to tell him his career ended in 2006. - Bloodsweatndonuts

Can't win them all Foyle (which you knew from being on the court with the Warriors), but you have won over plenty of fans as it is.