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Athletics Nation: Sun Doesn't Come Up For Morrow

Dallas Braden was sensational against the Blue Jays on Tuesday. Sensational enough to get the A's a win, who are now tied in the series with Toronto at one game all. 

Athletics Nation has a recap up on the matter:

But the real story of the game was Toronto's defense, which was...let's go with "interesting". With men on 1B and 3B and one out, Jack Cust did the unthinkable and grounded into what should have been an easy double play.Aaron Hill fielded the ball, tagged the runner, and flipped to Lyle Overbay for the third out, only to watch the ball roll away. Jack Cust ended up at second base, and a run scored. Two batters later, Rajai Davis hit an RBI single to LF that Travis Snider somehow managed to toss fifteen feet behind him.

And just to make Toronto feel even worse, Cliff Pennington made a play that will live on highlight reels for quite a while, as he ranged far to his left to make a beautiful throw after a quick spin. Economical, gorgeous, and really impressive-much like the A's tonight.