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Kentwan Balmer Traded From San Francisco To Seattle

Balmer never had a clear role with the Niners and it looks like the team decided to move him before he arrived at camp.

Last Monday, Balmer left the 49ers after meeting with 49ers coach Mike Singletary. Though the team labeled his departure as personal reasons, sources indicate Balmer was having trouble figuring out his role with the coaching staff. Balmer has played in 27 games in his first two seasons with the 49ers but has never started. He was projected to be a backup defensive end in the 49ers’ 3-4 scheme.

The 49ers gave Balmer a letter indicating he had five days to show up at the team facility. Monday was the deadline, and Balmer told the team he would show up. Knowing he was coming, the 49ers spent the weekend trying to make a trade.