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Who Will Back Up Frank Gore This Season?

Frank Gore, of course, is the undisputed starting RB for the Niners this season. But a healthy competition is evolving for the backup spot between last year’s draft pick Glen Coffee and this year’s pick Anthony Dixon.

A lot has been said about Dixon this preseason, mostly all good. The sixth-round pick out of Mississippi State has gained praise from the Niners organization and the media alike since first stepping onto the practice field. But Coffee has been lost in the hubbub. Many forget that the third-round pick out of Alabama last season was highly-regarded by the organization right off the bat and had an outstanding preseason (of course, his regular season, 2.7 yards per carry, may be a reason why people forgot about him).

Coffee has said things have slowed for him this preseason and he’s been more comfortable with the defensive speed in the NFL, a good sign. Dixon, on the other hand, has been the exact opposite: he’s been going too fast.

“Sometimes, I’m out of control,” Dixon said. “I want to do it so bad, and I go so fast, but then I’ll be out of control.”

(For all of you who thought of this as a sexual reference, as I did, have a one-track mind and are immature…for shame)

Nevermind, apparently Coffee has decided to quit...WTFs everywhere in Niners Nation.