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Two Wily Old Vets Competing for No. 3 RB Spot

We all know Darren McFadden and Michael Bush will be holding onto the top two RB spots heading into the season, barring injury (oh wait, there already was an injury). But there should be an interesting battle for the No. 3 spot between vets Michael Bennett and Rock Cartwright, both who have taken different paths but find themselves in relatively the same SPOT these days.

Bennett, the 2001 first-round pick by Minnesota, was a Pro Bowl selection in just his second season. But he missed half of 2003 due to injury and never regained his starting spot. Cartwright was the fifth-to-last pick in the 2002 draft and it’s a tribute to him that he’s remained a serviceable player after not being highly-regarded headed into the NFL.

Should be a good battle of wills and over-the-hills this preseason. For selfish reasons, I’m hoping Rock Cartwright gets the job: the headlines with a name like that are endless. And who knows, if McFadden is injury-riddled this season (all signs point to “yes”), one of these guys could have a bigger role than they expected.