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Jamarcus, I Can't Quit You

I realize Jamarcus Russell is but a distant memory for Raiders fans. I'd imagine most are trying to just push him as far out of their memory as possible. And yet he remains in the limelight for a little bit longer. Russell was interviewed by ESPN's Colleen Dominguez and admitted to testing positive for codeine on a drug test. I missed the interview but I can probably figure out what went down in the interview, and safely conclude he was probably BSing her about being off codeine for 3 years (or maybe he was off until he was busted for it?).


The folks at The Big Lead took that interview as a sufficient reason to look back at their comparison of Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf as to who was the bigger bust. So Bay Area sports fans, having seen Jamarcus up close and personal, and getting some Leaf action when he was with the Chargers, who's been the bigger bust? As a 49ers fan, I'm glad that Alex Smith could never be compared to those two, even if he never took another snap.