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Tell Us About Your Jersey Collection

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The folks at the New Jersey Devils blog here at SB Nation had a fun little FanPost a couple days ago where the writer discussed his current collection of sports jerseys and looked at the next ones he was considering for purchase. In discussions with fellow sports fans, I realize that some people consider jerseys to be a bit childish. I personally am not one of those people, but everybody is entitled to their opinion.

In fact I'm a big jersey fan, and I particularly like throwback jerseys. I don't own many throw-backs, but once I'm independently wealthy I'll hit it big on the throwback jersey market. After the jump, I've posted some of the jerseys I own, as well as any backstory to the purchase. I'm away from home so I'm developing this list from memory. If you get a moment, tell us what jerseys you own or are looking to purchase.

1. Josh Gibson - Homestead Grays - My second favorite jersey of the ones I own. It's got a wool-y look to it that I just love. I've always been interested in the old Negro Leagues, and particularly the prodigious power of Josh Gibson (often referred to as the Babe Ruth of the Negro Leagues, only better).

2. Joe Montana - cherry red 49ers - As the proprietor of Niners Nation, is this really a surprise? I will surprise some and say that I was more of a Steve Young guy.

3. Alex Smith - red 49ers - I bought this in 2005 and after sporting it into 2007, it found a spot in my drawer for 2008 and part of 2009. At that point I was convinced I'd never wear it again. My how things change.

4. Paul Pierce - Inglewood High - It's obviously not exactly like what he wore at Inglewood because it includes his name and #34 on the back. Nonetheless, there was a brief run 4 or 5 years ago where high school jerseys were all the rage (I think LeBron was responsible for that). I'm a life long Celtics fan so I was definitely gonna jump all over that.

5. Antoine Walker - Green Celtics - I honestly don't even know where my Employee #8 jersey is at this point. Arguably one of the most divisive Celtics ever among fans.

6. Hanshin Tigers - no player - A few years back I was really intrigued by the Japanese baseball leagues. For some reason I decided to add a Hanshin Tigers jersey to my collection. I can't remember the last time I wore it, but I feel it's time to bust it out again.

7. Deion Sanders - cherry red 49ers - He spent one year with the 49ers in 1994, but how glorious a year that was. The 49ers were a dominant team that broke through against the Cowboys and then demolished the Chargers in the Super Bowl. Sanders brought serious swagger to that team, and as much as I couldn't stand him going to the Cowboys, every so often I'll bust out the old #21 jersey. In fact, if you check out my profile page, the jersey I'm wearing in the picture is my Deion jersey.

8. Larry Johnson - cherry red UNLV with white trim - Grandmomma before he was Grandmomma. Far and away my favorite jersey. As a Las Vegas native who was in elementary school during the 80s, UNLV was as close to a pro team as we had (joke intended). The Runnin Rebels played with unmatched swagger and were bringing the entertainment before the Fab Five received their first check from Michigan boosters. Whatever the case, the LJ/Augmon/Hunt/Anthony Runnin Rebels were one of the best set of teams in NCAA history. If I could find an Anderson Hunt jersey, I guarantee you I'd own it.


As for my next purchase? Well, I haven't gotten around to buying it yet, but the readers at Niners Nation know exactly who it is: #4, the punter, Andy Lee. Given the 49ers recent struggles, Lee has been a fairly prominent member of the team and has put up phenomenal numbers. I'm a fairly average sized individual which means I can't get away with an offensive or defensive lineman jersey. I like the bigger names, but everybody owns a Gore, Davis, or Crabtree jersey. I want to think a bit outside the box.

So, now that you've seen my list, let's hear about yours.