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Davis, Iupati Take Starting Spots; Baas To Fill In As Center

Well, that didn’t take long. About a week into training camp, and rookies Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati have already officially been named starters by Coach Mike Singletary. Davis will start at right tackle (where the Niners gave up numerous sacks in ’09) while Iupati will take over as left guard.

“We have to give them the reps that they need to adjust and be ready,” Singletary said. “We have to give them all the reps that we can possibly give them in order to give them time.”

Former left guard David Baas, who would have backed up Iupati, instead will most likely move to the center position after mainstay Eric “Grizzly Adams” Heitmann broke his left fibula yesterday…provided he doesn’t continue snapping the ball into the ground during shotgun plays as reported. 2009 right tackle Adam Snyder will move to right guard…thank God.