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Napa National Little League Representing In The Little League World Series

For those that haven't been paying attention (and before today I was one of them), the Little League World Series is officially under way. Each of the regions is conducting their regional tournament to determining the qualifiers for the actual LLWS. The West regional tournament is taking place in San Bernardino, CA and will last through August 15.

The west region consists of six teams, with northern California represented by Napa National Little League. Although that's a bit outside the normal Bay Area, given the unique nature of the event, I thought it was still worth posting about. More after the jump.

The regional tournament consists of each team first playing four games in a round-robin style tournament. The top four seeds will advance to a single elimination tournament that will air on ESPN 2 on Friday August 13 (yes indeed, Friday the 13th!).

Northern California has two games under its belt and is 1-1. They defeated Arizona last Saturday by a score of 6-4. They were then defeated on Sunday by Hawaii 4-1. NorCal meets Utah tomorrow at 4:30pm, and then wraps up the round-robin play against Southern California in a battle for California bragging rights. All the games can be viewed online at Youth Sports Live.

At this point, the standings are as follows:

1. Southern California (3-0)
2. Hawaii (2-1)
3. Northern California (1-1)
4. Arizona (1-1)
5. Utah (1-2)
6. Nevada (0-3)