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Joseph Lacob Is 'Wedded To The Style Of Winning'

Atma Brother #1 of Golden State of Mind posted a video this morning of an interview of Joseph Lacob with the good folks at CSN Bay Area. He answers a few questions in ways that he acknowledges are generic things that most new owners will say regardless of the situation. Hey! At least he's honest? But is this what we want to hear?  

Just in case you might be too busy to listen to all 7:44 of the interview, here are a few comments that stood out.

On his passion for the Warriors and why they spent the whopping $450 million:

"Maybe it's not his (Larry Ellison) passion. But it is our passion."

On his partnership with Peter Guber:

"Peter is a fantastic partner for me...he has skills that I don't have...he understands entertainment. It's not just sports, it's not just business, it's entertainment...and the people we've already added...they have other skills..."

On his ownership style:

"I'm definitely not Chris Cohan...We're going to be visible, we're going to be sitting courtside."

On the run and gun style:

"I'm wedded to the style that wins, whatever that style is."

Here's what a GSoMer had to say about Lacob's critique of their current low-post presence and that relationship to the run and gun style:

Sounds very knowledgeable and likeable. I like the point he made about the lack of low post presence being more of what is preventing teams from winning, rather than the actual run and gun style of play. We have half of what we need down low in David Lee, but we need to get a center who can intimidate down low. That doesn't mean Biedrins should be gone, because I think he could be a very good backup center if we were to keep him around. We could also do a sort of center by commitee thing, and sign a guy like Pryzbilla or Chandler, and have them split time with Andris. I think that could be pretty successful. I don't really see the type of center we need in next years draft, but next years free agent class has some guys we could go after (exs. Perkins, Chandler, Nene, Gasol, Pryzbilla, Dalembert, and Yao and Oden are longshots).