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Warriors Not Likely To Keep Morrow, League Sources Say

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Wojo has a short writeup on the Morrow signing, attributing the financial instability in Golden State to the unlikelihood of keeping Morrow.

The Golden State Warriors aren’t expected to match the offer, a league source said. Morrow has to take a physical Monday before he can sign the offer sheet. The Warriors will then have seven days to decide to match.


With the franchise in financial flux because of an impending sale and having just committed $80 million to forward David Lee(notes), the Warriors aren’t expected to spend to keep Morrow.

Sebastian Pruti at Nets Are Scorching says not so fast:

I personally think that the Warriors “shrugging off” of Marrow could be a smokescreen.  This is because if teams know a restricted free agent will have his offer matched, they will just jack up the offers forcing teams to pay big if they want to keep their guy.  The Nets could have signed Morrow to a good deal thinking that the Warriors won’t match, just to have the Warriors turn around and match it (This is kind of what happened with Marcin Gortat last year).