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Don Nelson's Lack of Self-Awareness Makes Warriors Fans Cry

NBA coaches gathering at a function to raise money for St. Jude's had something to say on LeBron-a-mania. Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports gathered a few of their opinions, including Don Nelson's.

Said Nelson: “I thought, ‘Poor Cleveland.’ I’m not shocked. Things are changing. Times are changing.”

Not that bad. Clearly the words of a man who's seen a lot of crazy stuff over the years, a quote brimming with wisdom and foresight. Or just cliche and too much beer, but I'll choose wisdom for the sake of this exercise.

But then he followed it up with this "you've gotta be kidding me" quip.

“They got to get some size,” Nelson said. “I think people expect too much because they have three great players, but you still need size in this league. They’d have to accumulate that, but they’ll be a fun team to watch.”

I agree Don. Suggest to LeBron, Wade and Bosh some of the quality big men you've developed over the years.  Raef Lafrentz comes to mind. How about Evan Eschemeyer and Al Harrington? And who can forget the immortal Billy Owens? You are the man who started Chris Webber at center and had Austin Croshere get minutes at the five.

Get Pat Riley on the phone and start making deals! Brandon Wright is clearly the difference between championship and chumpsville.