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Fans Torn Over Lee To Warriors Sign-And-Trade

Fans over at Golden State of Mind are cautiously optimistic about the reported David Lee sign-and-trade coming soon after Lebron James’ decision to switch area codes:

it’s probably the least outrageous contract given out so far.

we had to give up someone good to get someone good. Losing Randolph and the potential he represents hurts and will hurt for some time. But he was like the problem child with a high IQ who aced every aptitude test but couldn’t follow class rules or do his homework. The potential was great, yes, but potential does not equate to greatness, a la Catcher in the Rye.

Lee will be good for us, a polished, athletic player who hustles, boards, has a decent post game and shoots well. I’m stoked.

I don’t understand how we had to give up so much

Is Randolph not enough? We give up a great backup center, leader and fantastic lockeroom presense in Ronny . Then we give up a 15 pt scorer, a great shooter, good defender and rebounder in Azubukie Why weren’t Radmanovic and Gadz or Bell swapped in

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