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David Lee For Anthony Randolph And Others?

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Apparently the Warriors and Knicks are working on a sign-and-trade deal exchanging David Lee for Anthony Randolph and spare parts. MTII breaks the story:

The Warriors won’t offer Lee a max deal, but one source suggested Golden State’s ceiling is a six-year deal starting at about $13 million. New Jersey is still an option, also the Minnesota Timberwolves — who Lee visited earlier this month and was reportedly impressed.

Are the Warriors overpaying for Lee’s services? Is this just inflation because of Amir Johnson’s astronomical pay raise? Apparently this isn’t a done deal yet. Contingent upon that one guy… what’s his name? I think LeBron?

If James announces he’s decided to play anywhere but New York, the Warriors are in play for Lee. The Warriors are one of a few teams in the mix for Lee via a sign-and-trade with the Knicks. And the Warriors have an offer the Knicks favor, a team source said.