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A's Tyson Ross Might Be The Smartest Athlete Out There

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It seems like every other day we read stories about professional athletes that made millions of dollars having to declare bankruptcy after their career ends. Well, Oakland A's relief pitcher Tyson Ross might be able to avoid that. The Wall Street Journal wrote a feature today about Ross and Pirates infielder Neil Walker that was rather interesting.


While most major league baseball players (and professional athletes in general) spend money on nice new homes, Ross and Walker were drafted by home-town teams, which affords them the opportunity to live at home with their parents. Other players rag on them, but for two guys who could very well end up back in the minors, it makes sense to save up some of that major league minimum salary they're earning.


I believe Eric Byrnes, back when he was playing for the A's, lived at home in the South Bay for a stretch of time. Whatever the case, for players that aren't superstars and thus, aren't guaranteed to make big-time dollars (relative to their peers of course), they might as well save money while they can.