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Jay Leach Signs One Year Deal With Sharks; Nabby Officially Gone

Defenseman Jay Leach has signed a one-year deal with the Sharks, worth $500,000, reports. He doesn't factor into a "significant" category in the great scheme of things, but the Sharks are getting a decent player for depth and filler who can contribute levels of play proportionate to the dollar amount.

Also of note is Evgeni Nabokov, last season's primary goaltender for the Sharks, signing with the KHL. "Nabby"  wasn't in the team's future plans and was informed as such before the draft by Sharks GM Doug Wilson. The team couldn't keep Nabokov for a number of reasons, citing a lack of cap space maneuverability as the primary reason.

If you're the type who can read Russian, you can check out the link here - or you can just trust in the guys at Fear The Fin and read what they have to say here. The general consensus seems to be "Thank God we don't have to play against him."