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Bay To Breakers Finally Going Dry?

The Bay to Breakers organizers are stating there will be no alcohol permitted at the 2011 Bay to Breakers footrace. Over the last few years leading up to Bay to Breakers, the organizing committee has stated their intention to ban alcohol. The medical and clean-up issues have been a problem, and organizers are concerned about the image projected.


However, in the end, one could argue it really does come down to money. ING, the annual title sponsor, will be withdrawing this coming year. They can be replaced, but given the economic struggles, it might not be such an easy replacement.


Every year when the organizers discuss banning alcohol, public protesters have fought back and eventually the race organizers backed down. The race is still 10 months away so there is a lot of time for something to be worked out. However, this year, with the loss of ING as a sponsor, it might be a little different. What will the world be like without drunken fools like this?