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Giants Players Check Out Of 'Haunted' Hotel ... Seriously

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This may go down as the most randomly funny story of the Giants 2010 baseball season. Apparently Pablo Sandoval and Edgar Renteria checked out of the Giants team hotel in Milwaukee, The Pfister Hotel, and moved down the block because they heard or saw something they thought was a ghost. And apparently they're not the first ball players, or tourists to think that about the Pfister. After the jump I've posted some video of players discussing the ghosts.

When I first read this story, the first thing I actually thought of was a classic Seinfeld scene. It's the episode where George stops having sex and it makes him smarter. Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter made guest appearances and George was teaching them the physics of hitting home runs. At one point Bernie Williams says:

"You the guy who put us in that Ramada in Milwaukee?"