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A's Selling 'Get Off My Mound' T-Shirt During Yankees Series

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The Oakland A's are attempting to capitalize on the April dust-up between Alex Rodriguez and Dallas Braden. Rodriguez walked across the mound and Braden went off on him. Rodriguez made a mention about 15 minutes of fame, and Braden went out a few starts later and threw a perfect game. Now, the team is selling a T-shirt with a silhouette of Braden that says "Get Off My Mound." Personally that reminds me a little bit of Harrison Ford in Air Force One.


Although Braden is on the DL, I'd imagine they'll sell a decent number of these. Of course, there might be one slight problem: The T-shirt shows a silhouette of a pitcher that I'd assume is supposed to be Dallas Braden. If it is Braden, then this silhouette looks a little screwy. Braden is a lefty, but this really looks like a right-handed pitcher. I suppose it could be a lefty, but it really does look like a lefty. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area seems to agree. Thoughts?