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Former Champ Kobayashi Arrested Attempted To Get On Stage

The Takero Kobayashi contract dispute created plenty of intrigue this week as some folks thought Kobayashi was just trying to play head games with three-time champ Joey Chestnut. However, Kobayashi was not on stage during today’s event, which might explain Chestnut’s less than legendary performance.

However, Kobayashi was in attendance, watching the contest from the front of the crowd. After Chestnut rolled to victory, things took a turn for the bizarre, as Kobayashi attempted to climb on stage. Police arrested him and took him into custody:

Then, several security officers appeared and tried to usher him off. He grabbed a metal police barricade with both hands, holding on tightly as the officers pulled at him. Finally, they dragged him down the stairs, with Kobayashi resisting vehemently.

He was under arrest Sunday afternoon, charged with resisting arrest, trespass and obstructing governmental administration.