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Giants Look To Even Out Series With Win Over Rockies

After a seven-game losing streak in which the Giants notched up only 15 runs, they finally stopped the bleeding with a win over the Rockies in game three of the four-game series on Saturday. Now, on the strength of Matt Cain's arm, they hope to full-on bandage the wound and prevent the cut from re-opening. Is this bleeding metaphor doing anything for you? I guess not.

Cain (6-7, 2.93 ERA) carries a two-game win streak against the Rockies and wouldn't you know it, he'd just love to get a third. He doesn't carry an immediate win streak overall, but the Rockies could be the momentum shift he needs to recover from his recent outing against the Dodgers on Tuesday, giving up four runs and seven hits in five innings. The flip-side to Cain's losing streak is Colorado Rockies' Jason Hammel (6-3, 4.32 ERA) who comes into this game with a winning mentality.

So many things went wrong and so many things went right in game three, and something of similar fortune will need to take place for the Giants so they can not suffer the indignity of losing another series, at least for now. The Giants will need a strong game from Matt Cain, and more importantly a strong game from Aubrey Huff, who is batting .419 with nine RBIs and five home runs. It's up to these guys to provide the winning formula Sunday against the Rockies.