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Notes And Quotes From 49ers Rookies Signing Contracts

Just a little self promotion, but here are some quotes from the rookies via

There was a lot of excitement from the rookies as they were able to complete the signings and avoid any lost time with the team.

“I just wanted to get it done first, get in on time,” said Davis after signing his contract. Davis said that he was involved in making sure that his agent Drew Rosenhaus would get the contract signed on time. On his expectations on training camp, Davis simply said that he’s “got to get it done.”

Iupati was the last of the draft picks to sign, saying that his agent worked until 4 a.m. on the contract. The rookie guard said he waited in his hotel room until he got word from his agent that the contract was ready to be signed.

“I fully trusted them and I told them that I had to be here,” Iupati said right after signing his contract. “I’m excited. I’m very excited. Can’t wait to go back there and get back to work.”

Iupati was optimistic about his chances to become a starter, saying that he just needed to work hard and let the best man win.

Mays said he was confident in getting his contract signed in time. Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen, who was taken ahead of Mays was the deciding factor. Since both Mays and Clausen both have the same agent, Mays was just waiting for Clausen’s deal to be completed before his agent could work on his.

“I just wanted to be here to be part of the team, contribute to the team,” Mays said on being signed on time. “Just being here and not missing any opportunities; I’m not the that type of person.”

Bowman also spoke with the media, saying that he was confident that he would be signed in time. His focus now shifts to training camp.

“Now that I am officially part of the team, I just want to get better,” Bowman said after signing his contract. Bowman said that he was glad he wasn’t gong to miss any time and said that he benefited from the OTAs, mini-camp and the off-season workouts in Santa Clara in preparation for training camp.

“Being young, learning not to squeeze everything in one day,” Bowman said. “We have time to get out the kinks; be patient and just open anything and ready to learn.”
With the entire draft class signed, the 49ers will be free of any rookie contract holdouts this season. On Saturday, the rest of the team is scheduled to report.

Other notes:

- Linebacker NaVorro Bowman corrected the common misspelling of his name as Navorro. His first name is spelled with a capital “V”, unlike what was initially thought.

- Wide receiver Kyle Williams signed with the team during the OTAs and said that he had been working out in Arizona during the off-season. With VP of player personnel Trent Baalke saying that Williams would get a bulk of punt return duties during training camp, Williams said that he’s just wants to focus on what he can do to make an impact with the team.
“I have to make an impact where ever I see fit,” he said. “Whether it’s receiver, kick return, punt return, whatever they want me to do I’m going to put everything I got into it.”

- Cornerback/punt returner LeRoy Vann said that he has been here in the Bay Area working on his returning. During OTAs, he struggled with the wind on his returns. Vann said that they didn’t have such winds in Florida, but now he’s gotten used to it since practicing here.