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2010 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest: A Look Back At 2009

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Tomorrow is Independence Day, but just as important as it being the day we celebrate our independence from England, is the fact that we have the truly American activity of competitive eating. While it does involve a variety of international competitors (including one-time legend Takero Kobayashi), there's something perfectly American about the hot dog eating contest. Throw in the fact that it takes place at Coney Island and is broadcast on ESPN, and what else do you need? Oh that's right, how about world champion Joey Chestnut is a Bay Area native?

We'll have a story stream posted tomorrow, but in the meantime, after the jump I've posted video from last year's contest in which Joey Chestnut retained his Mustard title belt with a world record of 68 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. We'll be back tomorrow at 9am to see whether Chestnut can win his fourth straight title.