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Lincecum Pitched "Well Enough To Win"

Andrew Baggerly seems to think Tim Lincecum had a pretty good outing yesterday against the Rockies in game two of the series. He goes on to say that Lincecum couldn't act as a stopper, but that folks should be encouraged by the intangibles of Lincecum's pitching game on display. His fastball, for instance:

Lincecum couldn’t act as a stopper in tonight’s 6-3 loss. But overall, I’d judge his outing as encouraging. That’s because his fastball was as good and consistent as I’ve seen it all season.

It's not the most glowing endorsement, but fans who watched the game can (probably) agree that he didn't look as bad as the stat line might suggest. (8-4 record, 3.28 ERA) The point is, his fastball didn't dip below the mark he tries to hold himself to, and he hovered around 92-94 mph all night.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said that he thought Lincecum played well enough to win, pending support on the scored runs front. It's a good sign, then - because the last time Lincecum started, his play was lackluster and couldn't be classified as "well enough to win".