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Jim Harbaugh And Owen Marecic At Pac-10 Media Day

Harbaugh's interviews are always...uh, what's the word...curious. I guess that's the diplomatic phrase. Pac-10 Media Day was no exception.

"Owen and I, we look at Aug. 9 as the start of the New Year," Harbaugh said.

On playing Marecic at both fullback and linebacker, the coach said: "I've noticed there are a lot more TV timeouts in football."

The fourth-year coach has improved Stanford's record each season since he took over. Asked about sustaining that level of success, Harbaugh sat forward as if he'd been shot and bellowed into the microphone.

"We're not sustaining a gosh darn thing," he yelled. "We despise the word sustain, we despise the word satisfaction."