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Raiders Sign First Round Pick Rolando McClain

According to the official Oakland Raiders Twitter account, first-round draft pick Rolando McClain has been signed:

The Oakland Raiders have signed their first round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, LB Rolando McClain.    

This signing comes just hours before the team opens their first training camp. The deal was completed Wednesday night and the Raiders are set to open camp Thursday morning. It was not known if the team would have him signed on time to make the camp, but now that doubts have been wiped away -- it's down to business.

The Raiders will need McClain there, and will need him to play as well as his draft status implies he should. McClain is only the third first round pick to sign so far this offseason. With the Patriots' Devin McCourty and the Cowboys' Dez Bryant being the other two players (at pick 24 and 27 respectively) in the first round to sign, McClain is the highest drafted player (the only one taken in the top 10) to sign a contract at this point. It's a good sign for an organization that has been unstable to say the least with their front office and personnel.

All nine 2010 draft picks are now under contract, just in time for training camp. Financial terms of the deal have not yet been made available.