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Official Transcript of Jeff Tedford And Mike Mohamed From Pac-10 Media Day

Jonathan Okanes from Bay Area News Group has the full list of quotes. Click through for the entire list, and parse through Tedford’s opening statement below!

Walking down that tunnel and seeing the green grass really puts you in the mood to play some football. We are ready to get back to camp and get the team back together. The guys have been working very hard here in the offseason. We want to get to work on a new season.

Very excited about the new season. I think we have a great nucleus of guys and leaders. Some people tell me we are not ranked as highly this season as we have in the past, but we are not going to focus on that. We have to really focus on our internal expectations and competitive excellence. We feel very good, we have two new coaches that will be key to our success. We need to get better on the special teams side of things to get !eld position. Defensively we have a new defensive coordinator with Clancy Pendergast who a couple years ago he was on the verge of winning a Super Bowl with the Cardinals. We are going to be much better on defense. A goal for our is to really put pressure on the quarterback.

Offensively we feel like we have some !re power. The quarterback is the question of the time. We are going to have great competition at the quarterback position, but Kevin is the guy who takes the first snaps. Kevin is the active leader in the Pac-10 win wins, touchdown passes and starts. We are really hoping that his experience will really help us and translate to more success on the football field. The team has a lot of con!dence in him. He has worked very, very hard and he feels that is his team.

Fortunate to have Mike Mohamed here. He is a great young man. Conference leader in tackles last year. He is a great young man and will graduate in business in the fall. He has been a great representative of our program and a great leader with us."

Classy as always. UPDATE: This isn't the full transcript but rather the official transcript, because I'm pretty sure the question we asked isn't there. Oh well, we'll let you know when the full transcript arrives!