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Joseph Lacob, A Fan Of The Fans

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New Jersey Net's Owner Mikhail Prokhorov may be the NBA's media darling for his charm and zingers, but the Warriors future owners Joseph Lacob and Peter Guber have been making headlines that has the whole bay area buzzing.

Are Lacob and Guber the Prokorov's of the left coast? In a recent interview with Ralph and Tom of KNBR, Lacob and Guber have gotten Warriors fan's attention as they talk about possible coaching and roster changes. Is there nothing these guys won't do for the NBA's best fans?

As if the legend of Lacob and Guber's signing of Jeremy Lin in an effort to win over a fan (or fans) wasn't amazing enough, they have hinted, in this interview, about some new moves that will get a standing ovation from anti-Don Nelson and anti-Monta Ellis Warrior fans.

Aside from talking about wanting a new young coach in the new era, Lacob's glowing assessment of David Lee and Stephen Curry as the future indirectly seems to suggest that Monta Ellis is not part of this "core" going forward. In listening to the interview, I would agree with Warrior fans over at Golden State of Mind that Lacob "forgets" about Monta completely and lumps him into his responses of what big moves may be in the future for the team.

Marcus Thompson II adds that these moves would be jarring considering how late in the off-season it is. But, he then endorses the idea that a new coach for a completely revamped and young team might as well happen now than later. I'm completely for this.

Golden State of Mind-ers have debated the alleged Monta Ellis trade talks and the dump Nellie saga ad nauseum. And this clearly is what many fans have been wanting. Not to be a downer, but I think we can all agree this upcoming season might be a wash given all the major changes. A complete overhaul of the roster and coaching staff will take a some time...and it's not like Warrior fans can't wait any longer. We waited this long for Cohan to finally sell the team, what's another year (or two) of rebuilding? But from this interview with Lacob, we get a sense of urgency in prioritizing fans first.

With that said, hearing the Warriors owner speak so soon about possible future plans is great as it sends a message that the new owners are taking responsibility for things to come and for admitting to the problematic state of the franchise as it is now. Us Warrior fans are a fickle bunch as we like to hope for the next big thing in order to avoid the sadness of the present. But clearly Lacob knows a thing or two about us fans' fickle fandom every off-season and our coping mechanisms for the unending disappointment. Considering the head-scratching Ekpe Udoh pick-up, the future owners alleged move to get Lin for the fans and their off-season chatter of moves to come definitely show that they care about what we have to think. And that in and of itself is good enough for now.

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