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Took Issue With His Shoes?

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Giants closer Brian Wilson was fined yesterday due to, get this, the color of his shoes. The Marlins took issue on Tuesday with Wilson's orange shoes and cited them as a distraction. I'll say it again for you: his shoes were a distraction. What kind of fashionista batting lineup do the Marlins field to take issue with the shoes? Sure, they may be an abhorration on any runway, but this is a pitchers mound.

Wilson was fined $1000 dollars for the wardrobe issue. Sure, it's not an exceedingly large amount of money, but I think I speak for everyone when I use the phrase: "Say whaaaaat?" I mean, I won't deny that they're flashy and bright, they do standout... But if you're a batter, or another runner, and you're about to steal a base or hit a ball I guarantee, no matter how bright those shoes are... unless those shoes are covered in twenty LEDs, with 12'' speakers (complete with a nice little subwoofer on Wilson's waist to make it 2.1) bumping some form of gangster rap or Mexican mariachi music... there's no excuse as a player in that situation to be staring at them when you should be playing.

You're surrounded by thousands of fans, cameras, advertisements and the like. You've got that big, bright ball you often stare at in the sky called the sun. You've got a ball coming at you around ninety miles an hour. You potentially have a pitcher a split second away from turning and throwing you out while you try and steal a base. But you take issue in the shoes.

I just don't see it. These guys are professionals and shouldn't be bothered by something like this. Then again, I think most people know it was complaining just for the sake of complaining. Wilson is taking a sharpie to them to "tone down" the orange. Priceless. Anyway - the Giants won, again, and I have to wonder if the half-orange/half-black shoes are to blame as well. Oh well.