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Keenan Allen & Marvin Jones Battle Alex Lagemann For Best Golden Bear Music Artist

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The last few months, the Cal football music scene has belonged to Alex Lagemann, aka Loggy. With the help of DJ/defensive lineman Mike Costanzo, the Loggy brand has taken off in the past few months. He's remixed and rapped his way to over 3000 Facebook fans and nearly 50,000 YouTube views, and the machine keeps on rolling. He has his own website where you can download his album for free (warning: music plays upon entrance to site) since unbelievably stupid NCAA rules keep athletes from making a profit on anything. Even Jeff Tedford has heard his receiver's music and approved.

Doesn't sound like there's much competition right? Well, it's coming, and from his own position! Enter new stud receiver Keenan Allen and current stud receiver Marvin Jones. These guys are battling for more than just #1 on the receiver depth chart.

Samples of both musical acts after the jump.

Loggy has done a good job . It's a pretty sunny rap routine he has going.


You can see how most of the tunes have an upbeat tune, standing starkly in contrast with most of the urban, gritty, sometimes cereberal messages contained in most modern hip-hop (or the empty, meaningless pablum contained in most mainstream hip-hop). No, these tunes are all about having a good time and enjoying life, just as a college student should.

"I'm a college student just like everyone else, and I know what I say can really speak for our peers," Loggy said. "I'm outgoing, exuberant, spontaneous dude and I go to college. I like to have fun, meet people, go crazy, have a good time and play football.

"I'm not in the ghetto and I'm not on the grind, you know. I write papers."

Lyric-wise, Loggy admits to sensationalizing certain things for effect. But that doesn't mean his lyrics are conscience-free or irresponsible. Lagemann actually called his mom after the mixtape's release, just to make sure that she didn't think that he was a bad kid or anything. Note: She still thinks he's a good kid.

Allen and Jones both have their own love for singing, and they're starting to make their own foray into the music world. Their genre: R&B.

Marvin Jones Cal - Like You Love Me (via ThaStylz)

Now, they're probably not the musical machine that Loggy currently is. Still, there is a certain charm to these young receivers crooning together for the first of what will hopefully be many musical compilations. You can sense the restraint and hesitancy of two guys trying their abilities out for the first time in a public environment, but all the potential is there if they let it ride a little more.

A white slot receiver rapper and two star flankers enjoying their rhythm and blues. Roll on you Bears. For reals.