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Surfing The Bay: Saturday, July 24th, 2010

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Get off the computer and get in front of your TV (or if you don't actually have to get up, turn your head... and if you don't even have to turn you're head... well you're too lazy for your own good) because here's what's on the tube for you tonight. All times are pacific.

Chronicle Live Extra Weekend Edition | 3:30 PM | CSN Bay Area - If you've been busy this week, or just away from the TV, tune in to see this recap of the previous week's Chronicle Live show. There's a surprising amount of news and topics discussed in a week on this good show, so this is always something to watch if you missed some of it.

Motocross: AMA In Washougal, Wash | 4:00 PM | SPEED - I'm a sucker for motocross, and the Washougal track is one of my favorites. Today they're celebrating thirty years of hosting national AMA events and I, for one, will be tuning in to watch. One of my guilty pleasures, one might say.

Giants @ Diamondbacks | 5:00 PM | CSN Bay Area - Immediately preceded and followed by Giants pregame and postgame live respectively. The Giants are up two in the series and are going for three in the four game set. Should be a good one, as the last two have been thoroughly entertaining.

NASCAR Racing: Nationwide Series In Indianapolis | 5:00 PM | ESPN - I have always had a soft spot for NASCAR. Just about everyone I know thinks it's boring, thinks it's not a real sport (it is!) and things of that nature. Well, I won't be catching this race as I'll be wedged in between changing it back and forth between the Giants game and the aforementioned AMA event in Washougal.

Legends: Jerry Rice | 6:00 PM | CSN California - It's been replayed several, several times - but if the Giants game and racing aren't doing it for you, turn this on and watch it, because Jerry Rice was the best ever.

SportsNet Central | 8:30 PM | CSN Bay Area - I'm not immediately privy to the information concerning what will be on tonight's show, but you can still watch it to close out your sports for the day. In fact, I demand that you do. So there.


Space Jam | 8:00 PM | Encore West - There is no way in any plane of existence that you could tell me that Space Jam is not the greatest movie ever made. Because it is. By far. Shawshank Redemption? No. Godfather? No. That new Inception flick? Not even close. Space Jam is where it's at. Deal with it.